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This app makes you easier to observe your thoughts and mind.
Eliminate false beliefs.
You create your anxiety by what you are doing.

Write down everything that makes you dissatisfied and write down your anxiety, anger, sadness, and fear in your life.
You write down all the negative feelings. You will find your negative thought patterns.
Clear your mind and heal yourself.

Just Follow 7 questions, Then you can feel easy.
Express your feelings to yourself

Self therapy

-It is easy to write down your emotion.
-Build Mind Muscle through frequent repetition.
-You can find your emotion patterns easily.
-You can understand your emotion by answering questions.

*Please provide a quiet place when you answer the questions.


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Primary Sense Test


You can see your priority sense

Memory Game for Visual Sense

Memory Game for kinetic Sense

HAND Music Player



You can play music without pushing the play button

Display lyrics and artwork that are already added to the song metadata in iTunes

Change the app background color